Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A.M.O.E. Lyrics

Here are all of the lyrics for the album
A Maze Of Evenings


She lets down her hair and it's black as the basement of Hell.
And we go arm in arm in the next life, we're the next ones.
The love is tired, heavy & begging for rest.
But if I won't tell will you not tell?
Hedonist, Heavenly body of law.
In your thighs I'm a burning animal.
Straighten out the rivers & bind them all into a braid.
My true love's true legs are finally opening up.

The body is a miracle, put me back to sleep in a womb.
Good little bedroom, be my cocoon.
Delirious, delirious hysterical man.
This fevered pelvis, asking much, begs demands.
Inamorata, erotica's aura, oh Eros, erotic Aurora.
The thirst to whom I am slaved, big like a mountain.
Sit me at a mirror, tell me things I already know.
I'm not at peace. This is no home.


Such visions I've seen with shut eyes.
Must believe in the place that you've woke in.
Lidded eyes witness reticent events.

Teething my grind is confusing.
This somnambulist's mind is exhausting.
Who is the master in this house of my making?
Downside up, left side right.

Giver & Receiver

Only the pure can see the Holy grail.
And the grace begged, wasted if withheld from the unwell.
The unwell lift the window.
Sorcerer, speak the Secret Lexicon out loud.

Unveiler, Revealer.
Sisters, brothers.
Giver & Receiver.

The old days. Penance, fire & brimstone.
If the end time is our time after all.

Angels come dancing down.
Days of Heaven.
Silent night, Holy night.

The ecstasy's real.

The Wheel

The Moon is high.
The hour is late; it's Night.
If the bells ring, everything's fine.
But oh, such lonesome thoughts make lonely souls.
For all that we know, the powers that be shake and groan.
No well will clean the hand of Man.
So grief like a citadel stands.
And what is it that compels the foolish heart?
What feeds the hope?
Lend us sympathies. Bend the knees for us.
And around we go. Pain is the wheel we all will turn around.
Sleep of the just, pure of the heart.
Reveal us some truth that we can believe.

The nervous.
The wringing hands.
This body that needs so much.
And should love recoil or feel so bad, is it true?
Who knows these things?

Man's will grows tired.
The hour is come & gone.
All under the Moon.
Love is a wheel and peace is a wheel, turning.

The Curator

The twin ravens of Odin.
The wrong Magick performed.
Insane rhythms unroll a stairway down to Hell.

The mysteries sing to me in equivocal languages I cannot or won't understand.
Confusion will be my epitaph, of course.
So, the riddle is posed.
The question mark.
Caveats, caveats are groaned.
The whole of the law.
The curated will.
In theory and practice, order is unfamiliar.
The pleasure is mine.
All mine.
But chaos reigns.
And now I am sick.
Sick as a dog.

Solar Plexus

Strip the motive nude.
Ask the Father how to.
How does one accept such truths, such real worlds.
Fall on your knees if there is a meaning.
The Solar Plexus raves.
Now let me convince you.
It's strange. So strange.

Those who've seldom begged, find their sweet salvation.
How does one resist?
Avarice, vice ruled soul.
Lord, hear the moan.
Many headed God of war.
All is laid to rest by the Solar Plexus.
It is strange. So strange.

The Snakewife

In the ancient time, life derived from trash.
Nature's garbage bag- a generative seedbed.
Animalia, all taxonomies. 
All voracious, animals with human faces.
A maze of hostilities.
You must submit, civilization won't exist.
All the selfishness & danger on this planet.
Man crawled from the oceans in a panic.

The She-Bear.
The rat king.

Jaguar, stand up and talk!
Have you known the Antichrist in a deep sleep?
A deep sleep?

The Snakewife.
The wife.


Here in Slowland, we don't do much.
It seems too much being done is no good.
Here in Slowland, we slow people know where we stand.

Where's it lead, all this begging to please?
Yes, a maze of sick hearts to console.
When you go, go in a good way to a better place.
Don't be ashamed of Grace.
Go in a good way.

Draw Me Down The Moon

Take what little love comes
and be deserving.
And when it's not enough, be servile.

The needle's eye shrinks things strangeways.
Ash to dust. It's all considered.

Draw me down the moon, love.
Take the risk.
And what it's not enough of, we must submit.

Inner Female

There's no need for a self in utero.
No sex. A body blank as snow.
The first girl had five hearts on each hand.
The ideal, hard pressed to be.

If you dream me, I dream you.
Speak my name, you know me.

Female. Thee inner female at all cores.
When I am her, who am I?

Lay near now, let's make vows.
True love waits for sundown.

In the Motherland, no people exist.
All sole & vague.
So lovely this way.
We've agreed.

New Equivoke Review of MAZE

Well A.M.O.E. has received it's first online review done by Sanakan over at the EQUIVOKE site.
Sanakan has some exceedingly positive, affirmative and relieving things to say about the album and takes you through the whole thing song for song. We here at Night Heir are extremely appreciative, Sir!
Check it out here.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Maze Of Evenings

At long last I am replete with excitement to tell you that the second Night Heir album A Maze Of Evenings is available for you to hear. Though it will likely need the mastering touches of hands beyond our own eventually, it stands before you now a rugged & raw colossus.
Two years in the making, and much like giving birth, the process of creating this album was beautiful but ugly, exciting yet painful. Hopefully this truth shows within the music itself.
Two great talents joined me this time around and I can't say enough about these gents and the unbelievable sounds and ideas they contributed. Samuel Rosenberg, who now lives in Sao Paulo, was an insightful and extremely enthusiastic aide during the entire writing process and then proceeded to conjure up a flurry of bass lines, incredible rookie slide guitar, backing and choir vocals, and even stepped up to the plate as half of the twin lead guitars for the flagship song Inamorata. He also pounded obnoxiously on my door many terrible mornings in a row to get me out of the damn bed and into the studio. Very much appreciated.
Andrew Diluvian's contribution came from a wildly different direction, adding an almost musique concrete kind of ambiance to several areas of several songs. Among other things he used a filing cabinet and violin bow to produce the most ungodly din you can imagine, he concocted the sound of a massive rolling wheel, he turned lots of knobs on his big collection of science fiction gear, he provided atmosphere and texture through field recordings, he sang and shrieked and howled. When I asked Andi to emulate the droning peal of a huge Tibetan horn for the song Solar Plexus, he did it. He used a chair and our dining room floor and that's about it. Amazing!
Including myself, a total of fourteen different people sing on this album.
Choir sections were filled out by a colorful cast of wonderful people. Among them, Justin Wiese, Wolfgang Ratzlaff, Adam Muscleman, Trevor Giblin, Clinton Agresti, Miranda Ariel, Lauren Oberle-Hall, Morgan Ray Denning and Heather Wiese. Also, the lovely sisters Crystal and Angela Lariza lent the game-changing angelic grace of their voices to songs like Slowland and Inner Female.
I'm very gracious to these fine humans for helping to piece together this monster.

The songs are as follows:

1. Inviolate
2. Inamorata
3. Daymare
4. Giver & Receiver
5. The Wheel
6. The Curator
7. Solar Plexus
8. The Snakewife
9. theme from Slowland
10. Draw Me Down The Moon
11. Inner Female
12. Inviolate

It clocks in at around 72 minutes and is a rather larger affair than the first release in every way. The vain promises of a release last year seem laughably naive now.
There were plenty of difficulties and obstacles to traverse throughout the whole journey and we had more than our share of technological woes, seasonal depression and vice. It's all right there in the music, folks.
The album has been uploaded to the Bandcamp site and is available as a high quality Aif download and you can choose your own price. Also, because I like to ensure better quality links right off the bat before anyone has a chance to spread shitty versions around, here is a direct Mediafire link as well for mp3 format. (This link has been changed, see more recent posts for the mastered link.)

As of right now this thing exists solely as downloadable digital files. Of course, the ideal is to eventually release it in beautiful physical form. We are still deciding how to go about this, whether through the audio cassette route again or, should the fates smile on us, maybe a friendly label will help us press records this time. More on that later, for now I feel it is important to bring the music to the masses as expediently as possible.

Huge thanks to the people who bought the tapes and shared their interest and kind words.
Your patience is greatly appreciate and I hope you will not be disappointed.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seasonal Greetings and Status Update

I had the pleasure of spending the Holiday in my homeland of Maine (where at one point I had to ride a bus through an amazing blizzard as these skillful photographs prove.)

The Seasonal period has been a dizzyingly busy and intense time for both Andi & myself as we work on completing the new record amongst many other unrelated demands. Family, occupational & personal obligations have slowed everything down in the past couple weeks of course and I was somewhat dismayed to realize the record could not realistically be completed in the apocalypse-year. At the present moment, I like to think of this as a decidedly good omen.

There came a point when I figured if we could theoretically work 24 hours non-stop a day for a week, we could slambang this thing together with a severely rushed mix-job and it would be done... OR we could do it right. From conception through recording this project has taken just about a year and half so far (whereas the first album took a little over a Summer!) and that's just too much of an investment to be rushed and hasty at the end just to meet an arbitrary date. It isn't like the world is awaiting all this, anyhow.
BUT for those of you who do care, know that all but some brief details have been recorded and the final mixing process will commence this month. 

As far as a more "official" physical release- that is all still very ambiguous and isn't slowing down the actual production in the slightest. When it is done, it will be available for download ASAP.

P.S. in related news, Andi's own solo project BOUGH has just finished a delicious new album entitled YARROWVEIL and you should explore it here.

Thanks for hearing.