Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seasonal Greetings and Status Update

I had the pleasure of spending the Holiday in my homeland of Maine (where at one point I had to ride a bus through an amazing blizzard as these skillful photographs prove.)

The Seasonal period has been a dizzyingly busy and intense time for both Andi & myself as we work on completing the new record amongst many other unrelated demands. Family, occupational & personal obligations have slowed everything down in the past couple weeks of course and I was somewhat dismayed to realize the record could not realistically be completed in the apocalypse-year. At the present moment, I like to think of this as a decidedly good omen.

There came a point when I figured if we could theoretically work 24 hours non-stop a day for a week, we could slambang this thing together with a severely rushed mix-job and it would be done... OR we could do it right. From conception through recording this project has taken just about a year and half so far (whereas the first album took a little over a Summer!) and that's just too much of an investment to be rushed and hasty at the end just to meet an arbitrary date. It isn't like the world is awaiting all this, anyhow.
BUT for those of you who do care, know that all but some brief details have been recorded and the final mixing process will commence this month. 

As far as a more "official" physical release- that is all still very ambiguous and isn't slowing down the actual production in the slightest. When it is done, it will be available for download ASAP.

P.S. in related news, Andi's own solo project BOUGH has just finished a delicious new album entitled YARROWVEIL and you should explore it here.

Thanks for hearing.