Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strange Experimentations in Der Bough House

Working on some of the sound design/atmospheric elements for the new album:
Today we recorded Andi using a cello's bow to play a filing cabinet.
It sounded unbelievably menacing.
We've also recorded other unusual things like chairs, lazy susans and trash cans as well.
Xmas is still the hopeful date to have this thing all finished up, but
A Maze Of Evenings will definitely be complete before the year is out.
We're very excited.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photos and News

Andi Diluvian

Samuel Rosenberg

Sean Barry

A selection of our first proper band portraiture recently taken by the lovely photographer Melissa Carmel. 

Not so surprisingly, the new album has proven to be quite a chore but has so far grown beautifully. All of the principle guitars, bass and drums are complete and it merely awaits the vocals, some keyboarding and Andi's atmospheric flourishes. The design for the cover and other related imagery is developing simultaneously as well.

Also, I'm quite pleased to announce that the previous album -Wind In My Dream Mist In My House- has been officially mastered by the great Colin Marston. All of the files on the Bandcamp site have been updated accordingly with this new version -which cements the quality, without "changing" the content, of the original. As was my hope. Much gracious thanks to Colin for his time and patience.

A couple recent foreign language reviews of that album:

I am still searching for interested labels to finally release WIMDMIMH in some format or another, until then the hand made tape edition is still available.

There simply isn't enough time in the Night to cover all these bases as much as I'd like and to be sure the new recording has taken the frantic, nervous front seat.

Many thanks to those who have listened and appreciated so far, it has truly given us fuel.
Updates to follow...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In The Bough House

The Throne.
We recorded two absolutely lovely ladies - the sisters Crystal and Angela Lariza, whose gorgeous, effortless, ethereal voices will go some miles toward making this recording much more dynamic then the previous one. We are really very excited.
Soon we will have to start organizing the MANCHOIR.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In The Bough House

Sam at the console.
Pizza on the skins.
We celebrated the Solstice by recording the smooth criminal Sean MacNeil on sit-in guest drums. He will be on two songs total, we think. 
Previously, he performed the dazzling piano work on "I See Myself" from WIMDMIMH.
Now he plays drums in a great Portland band called Denver.


These photos were taken back in 2010 by Justin Wiese in tandem with the completion of WIMDMIMH, and were sadly never effectively used. But here they are.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Night Heir is in the Studio

Last week, Night Heir officially began recording drums for the second album: A Maze Of Evenings.
The majority of the work on WIMDMIMH was done alone, which was no easy task I can assure you. This next one is decidedly a much larger and more daunting undertaking. Thankfully, this time around, the creative source-point has expanded threefold so far. Sam Rosenberg has already helped significantly to flesh out the entire writing process and now as we set in to record we are thrilled to have enlisted Andi Diluvian:

The home recording studio formerly known as The Clearing has now been rebuilt and expanded by Andi into a space we are calling The Bough House.
I will put up some imagery and some more words, perhaps, as the recording develops.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Thanks to the lovely EQUIVOKE blog for it's generous review of WIMDMIMH. Here it is.
It's encouraging to get this kind of feedback as we are very anxious to begin recording the new record as soon as technologically possible.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


RASPUTIN posted his review of WIMD MIMH on the Great SLAYS FOR DAYS blog as well as SPUTNIK.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wheels Are Turning

There is plenty of news.
Night Heir has expanded to a two-piece, absorbing the talents of one Samuel Rosenberg (Deconditioned, Scaphism, Antikythera)
We have been amassing a daunting amount of material for a new full length release.
It will be called A Maze of Evenings.
It will be completed in the year of Twenty Twelve, so help me God.
It would be wondrous to see this project made capable of performing live and therefore
Night Heir needs more help and is looking to incorporate a drummer and keyboardist/percussionist/auxiliary instrumentalist.
If you are one or any of these things living in the Portland area and you are interested in contributing to this music then you must email us at