Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photos and News

Andi Diluvian

Samuel Rosenberg

Sean Barry

A selection of our first proper band portraiture recently taken by the lovely photographer Melissa Carmel. 

Not so surprisingly, the new album has proven to be quite a chore but has so far grown beautifully. All of the principle guitars, bass and drums are complete and it merely awaits the vocals, some keyboarding and Andi's atmospheric flourishes. The design for the cover and other related imagery is developing simultaneously as well.

Also, I'm quite pleased to announce that the previous album -Wind In My Dream Mist In My House- has been officially mastered by the great Colin Marston. All of the files on the Bandcamp site have been updated accordingly with this new version -which cements the quality, without "changing" the content, of the original. As was my hope. Much gracious thanks to Colin for his time and patience.

A couple recent foreign language reviews of that album:

I am still searching for interested labels to finally release WIMDMIMH in some format or another, until then the hand made tape edition is still available.

There simply isn't enough time in the Night to cover all these bases as much as I'd like and to be sure the new recording has taken the frantic, nervous front seat.

Many thanks to those who have listened and appreciated so far, it has truly given us fuel.
Updates to follow...