Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Maze Of Evenings on tape!

Finally! Night Heir received an exciting package today: 200 copies of the second album A Maze Of Evenings on professionally made cassette tapes. I'm exceedingly pleased with how beautifully these came out. It took way too long to get these produced but at last AMOE exists in three dimensional reality. A major part of the funding to get these made came directly from all of you who bought the first tape, so THANK YOU for your help in spinning this wheel. These will be available for purchase on the Bandcamp site soon. Considering that twice as much of everything went into and came out of this album vs. the last one, we will be asking twice as much for it- a whopping 6 dollars. Seems fair, no? I will be sending out a sticker with each copy. Thanks again to the fans who have helped keep Night Heir alive so far, it hasn't been easy lately but more on that later.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


A package arrived today. 250 black and gold foil stickers.
My apologies for the low-grade photos, they look prettier than this.
I will be sending these out with tape orders.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Night Heir has some news to report.
The new album A Maze Of Evenings was officially mastered recently by Mr. James Plotkin.
This means that it sounds bigger and better and we are now moving forward with physically releasing this animal somehow, some way.
In the meantime, the new version has been uploaded to the Bandcamp, replacing the original copy. For all of you who have downloaded AMOE already (especially if you paid for it!) you should jump back on the site and download it all over again, free of charge if you wish it of course. 
It must be mentioned with much gratitude that it is largely because of people actually giving us money for the original downloads when they didn't have to that we were able to turn around and fund this project further. This development is a direct result of the interest and encouragement of our small but tenacious fan base.
It has made a difference.
The Wind In My Dream cassette tapes are nearly sold out at this point so we are working out the technicalities for putting together a self released tape version of AMOE as well. (See working cover design below.)
Stay tuned for more news to come...

And here is an image of Andi and I: