Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Words


a Night Musick Cycle in ten parts

I Weeping of the Boughs
II The Night Heir
III No Sympathy from Demanding Idols
IV Indigo Woman
V Böcklin
VI Temples of Muir (every tree a cross)
VII Plaintive Orion
VIII I Seek Myself
IX I See Myself
X DawnMan outroduction


Strange face in a stone
and the river's moan is a voice,
the hidden family in wilderness.
The forest is restless.
There's weeping in the boughs and
I hear it.

Crows shrieking above
and sudden winds blow.
A wailing wind blows!
the Evening,
the Gloaming,
the Night.


take your misty clothes off the
windswept hearts of men.

Sun, fail me not
and I'll go out to the wood every night.

Wild nature, lay your laws down!
As Above So Below!

I'm Dark…the stars and clouds,
the night - in the shape of a man

Standing in the secret Earth- there's
wind in my dream,
there's a mist in my house…


In the morning, when it's light
the family's eyes all open at once,
saying prayers, putting on clothes,
rosary, Jehovah, mysterious symbols.

We were guilty by religion,
symptoms of Jesus
and death on horseback and father time.
Now the days are short but the road is long
and there's a merciless storm out on the
calling and coming.

Lords grown foul.
We are slaves now.
No mercy for fools.


dress me and lay me in an animal grave
with my woman.

Oh ground, lend us your name!

So the Indigo one will seek us to raise for
her own,
sincerely naive.

We'd been yearning for all of our lives for
such peace.


Isle of the dead, towering cyprus trees,
Christ-like figure in white,
stand in your boat and cast your mood
upon me.

I might have known.

This Holy gown of stars, hung for miles,
from my Father's halls…

…Now I Am!



Vice me in your wicked fist, I don't care, so lonely.
I'm lonely as a cursed man's wife.

I'm deep in the night
and can't find my way.
Orion, above me with me no belt and lain down.
Is it all weeds and ash snow in place of my birth?
The horn of plenty sounds so forlorn.


I Seek Myself!
Wind in my Dream, Mist in my House,
I Seek Myself!


Mist Inside My House!

A wind in my dream,
I was born asleep.

Gone As If In Smoke!

It's all gone and I'm awoke.
And I'm reminded of something I'd forgotten.

We Have Met Before!

Haven't we met before?
Deja Vu.

Though I Might Have Died-
I See Myself!
I turn myself around & around and myself
surrounds me everywhere…

Searched all night to find you and Now-
Now that I've found you
the hand you reach out to me is mine!
Such is confusion over love and good will toward
I believe the Sun will know me by my new name
when it comes back.

Sun, rise!


Morning, find me
and lift me back up to ground
& my body.
Restore me my only shadow
from out this long night of many dire shadows.
Is there a way?

Is there a way?

I would become burned by your debt-less amity
Recomposed, if it be your will
Finally, a man whose heart is an answer.

All bodies
All eyes
Flora & fauna
Birds & beasts
Children & lovers
are all sympathetic to the dawn.